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Customer Testimonials for Bay Area Motor

MaryJane - 2013 honda pilot

MaryJane G.
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5.0 star rating

My third time ever writing a review, but this one needs to be written. Car buying  has never been my favorite experience to go through, but the people at Bay Area Motors in Hayward made it painless - even fun! Much more than that: they were knowledgeable, honest, thorough answering questions, helpful, attentive, efficient with all the paperwork, friendly, and even funny. I had a pleasant afternoon, and I couldn't be happier with our like-new used car. Thank you, Emran and crew. You guys are awesome!


Aaron R.
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5.0 star rating

I had a very good car buying experience with Emran and Omar. The cars are beautiful and the car buying experience was fair and quick. Highly recommended place for getting a nice car.

audrey - 2006 Lexus rx350

Audrey E.
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5.0 star rating

A great place to purchase a vehicle... 

The last time I purchased a vehicle was at least ten years ago. Was very apprehensive about going car shopping cause I hated feeling like food for a vulture whenever I just wanted to just window shop. Started the process online through Carfax, and called Bay Area Motor to look at 2 vehicles I was interested in.  From the first contact with Emran to the test drives of the vehicles I was interested in, they made it very comfortable and easy. Never felt pressured or harassed. Emran was very transparent regarding pricing , markup, and the history of the vehicle I chose. I even had to leave for a trip two days after I purchased the vehicle( which is why I'm late with this review, lol) and Emran went above and beyond to help make it happen.  I've already recommended them to a friend that is looking to purchase a vehicle.  

Thank you Emran and Bay Area Motor! Your customer service made me feel like family.


Paige H.
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5.0 star rating

My fiance and I were in the market for a Prius that we went to see up the street at the Toyota dealer. Needless to say, we decided to look at the dealerships down Mission Boulevard and we found Bay Area Motor! Omar and his family were super helpful after we told them that we were looking for a Toyota Prius. They walked through with us every step of the way and kept open communication throughout the entire process since we are first time buyers. They were extremely helpful in finding us financing that suited our needs! After the banks were closed, Omar called the manager of that bank and got us approved for financing. Now that is exceptional customer service! They definitely went above and beyond for us and didn't make us feel pressured whatsoever. We will definitely be coming back for when we need to purchase our next vehicle. Thank you guys so much, it was an extreme pleasure! Also, the service here was MUCH better than the one we received at AutoNation Toyota. We wish your business nothing but success in the future. Thanks! :)

Anna - 2012 VW Beetle

Anna M.
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5.0 star rating

After looking at multiple cars on Carfax, we chose one from Bay Area Motor. Everyone at Bay Area Motor was extremely kind and Emran was very accommodating. Very ecstatic about my new car and couldn't be happier! Thanks!


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5.0 star rating

I don't really write Yelp reviews unless a business stands out to me in some way, for better or worse, and this one is DEFINITELY one for the better.
The short of it is, that I will not be buying a used car anywhere else as long as I can help it and I would recommend you do the same. 
After years of shopping around with a fear of commitment spurred on by aggressive dealerships scaring me away, finding Bay Area Motor was like finding my true love. I would put a ring on it if they'd let me.
I've avoided buying a car for years because of the endless horror stories I've heard. Getting hit with hidden fees and unauthorized "upgrades", misrepresenting the quality of vehicles, having to prepare to go in there with guns blazing trying to negotiate and not to get cheated, etc etc...not to mention that when I did start looking for cars, any time I showed interest in a vehicle, I was faced with constant calls and emails for weeks and weeks from the dealership that sent me running. 
Not so with Bay Area Motor. I inquired after the car and got exactly one email with all of the information (including the Carfax report right there on the web site) and one follow-up call. All my concerns and stress melted away the minute I stepped on the lot. These guys take a no-pressure approach that is really appealing. I took the car for a test drive; they said that I was welcome to reach out if I was still interested. I didn't hear a peep after that - usually I would be getting multiple emails and calls a day, those really annoying canned responses that feel so impersonal. Nothing from them; they just gave me the space and time to think about it. I reached out a few days later, came in a few days after that, and drove off the lot with my new car a few hours later. They were completely transparent about the costs and didn't try to up sell me on anything. I paid exactly what I expected and it was a great experience. My boyfriend had been through a crappy experience getting his car just a year prior and he was blown away by how much easier my experience was. They even put on the basketball game so we could watch while we went through the paperwork.
If you are considering a used car, GO HERE. I really can't recommend them enough. Buying a car can be a painful experience but they make it about as easy as it can possibly be made. 
Special thanks to Emron and Bob for taking all the stress out of what I was expecting to be a negative experience. You guys rock!

Yasmin - 2011 BMW X3

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5.0 star rating

Great place to shop for your first or next car.My husband and I had to buy a car last minute had a great service .. We where able to find the car we wanted for a while super quick service no unnecessary delays with great people helping us out .. 100% recomend this place quick easy abd budget friendly.

Alexander - 2007 Honda CR-V

Alexander M.
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5.0 star rating

My girlfriend and I did our research around the area of Hayward looking for a dealership using CARFAX. We wanted to finance a vehicle to start building our credit and with no prevail every single dealer was turning us down, luckily one of our choices Bay Area motor was the one dealer that would help us achieve our goal. They were with us through every single step and not once did I feel unsure about anything. They really do want to help and they will go out of their way to do so. We're very happy with the out come and We're very thrilled that we were able to finance a vehicle to repair our credit.

Thank you very much Bay Area motor you guys are hands down the best and we are very grateful for all of your help. #very special shoutouts to EMRAN, OMAR ,SHABIR and GLENDA. You guys are the best

raymond g - 2013 MERCEDES-BENZ CLS 550

Raymond G.
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5.0 star rating

Great vibe when first checking out the lot, didn't feel like I had to make any rash decision. Gave me time to make sure I could think and I left with what I really wanted. I would definitely recommend this business to anyone I know. They have a good selection of luxury/sport and commute cars. Also by having the car history info and 1 owner used vehicle I was confident driving off the lot. The paperwork process was a breeze they made everything easy and straight forward, were able to answer all my questions with detailed answers. Everyone there was a big help.
Make sure you go check them out for yourself you wont regret it.


Lucilla C.
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5.0 star rating

I purchased my first car from Bay Area Motor and could not have had a better experience! I saw and ad on line for a GLK BLueTEC and came in to check it out. The car is absolutely immaculate. They definitely got it detailed -- it looks brand new! I was a little nervous since this was a pretty huge purchase for me but Omar and his family walked me through the whole thing, they even helped me setup car insurance on the spot. Everyone I talked to was super friendly and I never felt pressured to purchase or like someone was trying to pull one over on me as I had at some other places I'd checked out. About a week after I had purchased the car I noticed that the parking break wasn't sticking. I called up Omar and he went out of his way to set me up with a mechanic to get these issues fixed. I purchased the car "as is" so I was fully expecting to pick up the bill for this but Bay Area Motor payed for everything and even had them put in new windshield wipers and an engine air filter while they were fixing the parking break! They even hooked me up with a push to start button at no extra cost. They called a few days later to make sure everything was working smoothly. These guys seriously take care of their customers!! Needless to say I'll be going back here for all future car buying needs and recommending this place to everyone I know!!


Christine Denise M.
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5.0 star rating

Emran was awesome.  Excellent customer service and vehicle knowledge was outstanding. All around beautiful car buying experience. Easily comparable to larger establishments. I give Bay Area Motors 2 THUMBS UP!!


Andrea J.
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5.0 star rating

I'm not one to write a yelp review, but when I'm provided great service I let it be know. Omar and all the other guys were great. I found what I was looking for  and we got straight to the process! Purchased a beautiful Lexus gs 300 immaculate. Plan on going back for another vehicle as well. The customer service was great. If your in the bayarea  go check them out,  in Hayward you won't be dissapointed.


Naya K.
  • Naya K.
  • Floresta Gardens - Bradrick, San Leandro, CA
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5.0 star rating

Omar was great the process took super long because of insurance but love them!!!!! Please come and purchase a car from them they are awesome and help me get the car and wanted and that worked for my budget


Randy M.
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5.0 star rating

I only post on Yelp when a business deserves it. If you need a nice car with a great price, head to Bay Area Motor. Omar and his family are exceptional. Right when I arrived they treated me like I was family. Omar went through all the processes getting financed through my credit union. He showed me all paperwork with the car and made me comfortable with the purchase. I will definitely come back when I need another car and recommend you get your car there too.


Hannah H.
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5.0 star rating

Just bought a used Chevy Traverse, and these guys were awesome!! Answered all my questions honestly and thoroughly. Great at explaining all the paperwork required to buy cars nowadays too.


Allan F.
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5.0 star rating

Emron and the team definitely made my first car buying experience less stressful as it should be. They were not only able to break down the monthly payment, interest they also checked up on me after I bought my car and made sure everything was smooth. I didn't feel pressure at all during my time here and I would recommend this dealership to anyone. Whether it's your first time or 5th or 6th time Emron and the team made it easy and fun purchasing a car from them. They were knowledgeable about all of their cars and made suggestions base on my lifestyle. You can't go wrong with them at all!

jazmin - 2015 honda Insight

Jazmine T.
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5.0 star rating

I bought my Honda Insight here a couple of weeks ago. It was my first time buy from a car dealership and I was alone and I am a women. I had just come from Honda in Hayward where they made me feel belittled and unimportant. I came here and I didn't feel either of those things I got great customer services and they worked with on the price of my car instead of trying to swindle me out of my money. I love my car, if you are looking for a good reliable used car I'd come here.


Peter T.
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5.0 star rating
12/31/2018   Updated review

Update from Dec 2017:

This is just an update from my car I purchased one year ago. No mechanical problems and is running smooth - I already put 22,000 miles on it (since I drive for Uber part time). 

I have no complaint and am very satisfied.

These guys are legit.


Blossom N.
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5.0 star rating

Omar made it really nice and simple for me in choosing the vehicle that I wanted. The staff was super helpful and patient as well. There customer service is really great! Thank you so much!

paris - 2007 bmw 335i

Paris L.
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4.0 star rating

Great service and very helpful throughout the whole buying process I ahundred percent recommend to anyone looking for a quality used vehicle

KRISTEN - 2007 CHEVY Avalanche

Kristen P.
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5.0 star rating

This is THE PLACE to buy a highend used car!!! We were greeted right away, all of our questions were answered in a prompt professional manner. Normally when walking onto a car lot, as a customer you feel pressure from the salesmen, HOWEVER this experience was far from that. Omar and the rest of his family team made my husband and I feel very welcomed. We purchased a 2007 Chevy Avalanche with under 50K mileage for only 17K!!!! Such a great deal. Their prices are firm yet appropriate for the car. I would not hesitate to go back and would recommend this place to family and friends.


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5.0 star rating

my husband went here on thursday after work to check out some cars.  he spoke with emran and told me he was really nice and genuine.  he showed me a lexus that we both really liked and were interested in.  on saturday afternoon we went in and emran was busy helping another customer purchase a vehicle.  linda stepped in and took us on a test drive.  she was also very nice.  when we got back we wanted to proceed with purchasing the vehicle, so omar started assisting us.  we filled out the application and then we moved to the next room where both omar and enmar assisted us.  this was by far, the fastest car buying experience we have ever experienced!!  both omar and enmar are personable and very honest.  the lexus we purchased was a great price for the quality.  

the next day we noticed that there was a little plastic dragging.  we called and they asked me to come immediately so that we can get it taken care of.  I took the car to their mechanic and he fixed it quickly!  I would definitely recommend bay area motor if you are in the market for a quality used vehicle.  the customer service was amazing!  thank you all!!!


Sal L.
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5.0 star rating

I have to say dealing with Omar and his friendly staff took all of our anxiety out of negotiating a car purchase.  My wife and I purchased a 2012 Mercedes Benz GL450 from Omar.  It was so clean when my wife picked up the car it looked like it came off a showroom floor.  Normally I want to complete the transaction quickly because after a four hour ordeal at other dealerships I just want to say forget it and leave.  We enjoyed every minute at Bay Area Motor.  We were there a couple of hours after we test drove it and decided to buy.  My wife and I had complete trust in Omar and would highly recommend friends to drive to Hayward and pay him a visit.

Sheila and Sal L.


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